Step 1:Install Lomorage Photo Assistant

Step 1

Install Lomorage Photo Assistant

Lomorage Photo Assistant is an application installed on PC, Laptop or Single Board Computer, you can use it to backup your photos from smart phone to hard drive using wireless. It supports multiple accounts, and separate folders for each account. It's powered by AI so that you can sort your photos by date, location, person, scene.

Step 2: Install Lomorage Android/iOS APP

Step 2

Install Lomorage Android/iOS APP

Using Lomorage Android/iOS AP, you can upload full resolution original photos wirelessly to your computer, and sort it automatically with AI, no account limit, access any where, no privacy concern.

Before installation, make sure "Lomorage Photo Assistant" is running in the same network with your phone.

Step 3:Import existing photos (optional)

Step 3

Import existing photos (optional)

With Lomorage import tool, you can import photos stored in hard drive or some elsewhere into Lomorage, so that you can manage them together. Once imported, you can view those photos on your phone as well. Currently supported on Windows and macOS. You can also import photos from your Phone via USB, check [here]( for steps.